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The History of African print

As an African print wear company. We thought it fitting to celebrate the history of African prints. So here we go! 




The origin of the printed fabric and its popularity in Africa date back to the mid-1800s when a Dutch company, now named Vlisco, traded it in West Africa’s coastal towns. Since then, the fabric has been a mainstay of African fashion.

The generic “wax hollandais” reference originated then. But the name has now extended to any similarly printed fabric, irrespective of the print technique or the manufacturer.

Over the last decade, the popularity of the fabric has grown outside the continent, including among the African diaspora and African American communities in the US.


We are starting with our favourite pictures of celebrities in African prints. Angela Simmons wearing outfits designed by The Azizi brand's  very own creative designer  'Mimi Hassan' 

Angela Simmons wearing a hand dyed African print outfit by the founder and creative designer  of our brand 'Azizi'


Angela Simmons wearing yet another African wax print dress. Designed by our in house creative designer Mimi Hassan. 

Solange knowles and her sister Beyoncé love wearing African print fashion. 

LADY GAGA wearing a gorgeous African print jacket. 


Kevin Hart wearing an Ankara print shorts set 

Gwen Stefani wearing a statement African print dress

Rihanna wearing African print midi dress 

Kim kardashian and Amber Rose wearinf African print dress 

we have saved the best for the last. Beyoncé has an envious wardrobe of African print designs.  Below is Beyoncé wearing African print fashion. 

Beyoncé wearing African print fashion

Beyoncé wearing African print fashion

Beyoncé wearing African print fashion